Healthy Living – Kikoriki Interactive Books


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Healthy Living – Kikoriki Interactive Books. Dimensions: 210х285 мм. Softcover. Number Of Pages: 20.
This is not just a colouring book, but a magical story about the adventures of Kikoriki, coming to live right on your hand!With the help of the free mobile application Devar KIDS, you can transfer your favourite characters from the screen to the real world!

Watch cartoons about Kikoriki in augmented reality, and you will learn how to be always healthy and cheerful! In the colouring book “Be Healthy” Pin will teach you to lift the bar, Nyusha – to play hockey, Losyash – to dive with scuba, and Barash – to do exercises. Nyusha and Sovunya will tell you what food is healthy, and from Kak-Karych you will know – what time to go to the bed.

Every Kikoriki has his secret of health. Revitalise the characters, and you will learn all the secrets of a healthy lifestyle.

– The brightest moments of the cartoon with the living heroes on your hand!

– 9 heroes – 14 games – 14 animation stories in augmented reality *!

– Create a unique Kikoriki – colour your favourite flowers and make it live!

– Plunge into the atmosphere of your favourite heroes with a soundtrack!

Create your own cartoon about Smeshariks with Devar KIDS!

By the way, nice bonus: make your photo with a real Smesharik right from the app!