Farmsberry. Dimensions


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Farmsberry. Dimensions: 210х285 мм. Softcover. Number Of Pages: 16.
Developing colouring book “Farmsberry” will take the child to a magical land of ARland. There he or she makes friends with hand-made rabbits, mouse, lamb, seal, calf and their friends!

The “Farmsberry” colouring book will turn education and preparation for school into a fun game:

Colour the pages. Colouring, children train hands, not only preparing them for writing, but also developing speech! Speech centers are located next to the region responsible for the small motor skills in the brain.

Start the animation by clicking on the blue button in the DEVAR KIDS application. Once the character has stopped in place, again press the blue button. The colour for the three-dimensional character is taken directly from the picture. Showing the kid that the hero of the illustration, which he just painted, can come to life in augmented reality, you motivate him to finish the colouring to the end and be more careful.

In the development of any child, regularity and repetition of actions are important. Look for other colouring pages of the Arlanda series on the PlayandStudy website: “Learn the professions”, “Lilac Island”, “The Magic Valley”, “The Enchanted Cliff”, and the “Mysterious Forest”. All these developing colouring books and their amusing characters will help you prepare the young reader for school.

Where is the state of Arlandia? ARland is an enchanted country in the magical world of DEVAR. It is just behind a mysterious forest. Its inhabitants are animals, plants and magical creatures. Thanks to the imagination of the child, as well as the amazing technologies of augmented reality, the characters come off the pages of colouring books and books to make friends with the kids and teach them a new one. In each colouring book of this series the children will find 14 funny animations.